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Subject lucene web demo
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2003 13:00:39 GMT

I'm in the "Indexing Files" part in the Lucene web demo.
I have setup tomcat correctly.

In the page it's written:

Once you've gotten this far you're probably itching to go. Let's start by 
creating the index you'll need for the web examples. Since you've already set 
your classpath in the previous examples, all you need to do is type "java 
org.apache.lucene.demo.IndexHTML -create -index {index-dir} ..". You'll need to 
do this from a (any) subdirectory of your {tomcat}/webapps directory (make sure 
you didn't leave off the ".." or you'll get a null pointer exception). {index-
dir} should be a directory that Tomcat has permission to read and write, but is 
outside of a web accessible context. By default the webapp is configured to 
look in /opt/lucene/index for this index. 

I don't really understand the instruction...I have created a directory 
called "index" in C:\jakarta-tomcat-4.0.6\webapps

Tomcat is installed in: C:\jakarta-tomcat-4.0.6

The command I write is:
C:\jakarta-tomcat-4.0.6\webapps\ROOT>"java org.apache.lucene.demo.IndexHTML -
create -index index .."

ERROR message:
The system cannot find the path specified.

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