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From "Nader S. Henein" <>
Subject RE: commercial websites powered by Lucene?
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2003 09:22:04 GMT
On a more realistic note, We were running our search off Intermedia
which is an Oracle proprietary search engine. Our Oracle setup was
running off our monster DB server, 8 Sun Ultra Sprarcs III , 450Mhz,
with 8 Gegs of ram. We were looking at alternative search engine
solutions, and we tried about six, before I read about Lucene, had
everything been going smooth we wouldn't need anything but, the more our
site grew, the slower the searches were getting and I was seeing loads
of 3 and 4 on the CPUs (on an 8 CPU machine). So we decided to go with
an external search engine, when Lucene finally came on-line CPU leads
came down to 0.5 and DB was serving things faster and Lucene hasn't
given me trouble since.

You say "However, once the DB server actually has capacity again, flocks
of people will demand  (rightly so) that their wishes be realized now",
If you're talking about using Lucene to query statistical information
about data you have in the DB than you don't need a search engine, you
need a data-miner, Lucene will pull data based on dates, keywords and
ranges, but if you want to do sums and group bys than you shouldn't be
looking at Lucene . And as for joins, the way you structure the data
that lucene digests is up to you, I pass Lucene XML files that collect
information from 12 tables (12 table join), you have to think in the
context of giving Lucene your business objects, not just raw data from
tables. You can run Lucene off a smaller computer and totally isolate
the load off your DB server. 

Nader Henein

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