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From "eric cocozza" <>
Subject returning a seperate rank multiple items within the same search
Date Mon, 05 May 2003 15:42:23 GMT

I have a requirement to display for a user ranked, combined results for a 
single query.

For example, if a user performed the search:
"french fries" AND "freedom fries"

I would like lucen's rating for "french fries" to be listed
seperatly i would like the rating for "freedom fries" listed
potentially, a combined score could be listed, but this could just be 
score("french fries") + score("freedom fries")

I can do this by submitting seperate querys, and then compiling the result 
myslef, but I'm curious if this is the most processor efficent way of 

Seeing as lucene is allready searching the index once, it would be great if 
I could just ask it to tally the points seperatly (avoiding a second scan).

And other ideas for handling this would be appreciated.



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