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From Doug Kirk <>
Subject Why would a searcher not find an added document?
Date Thu, 22 May 2003 17:30:56 GMT
After deleting a document from the index, and then adding a document to 
the index (same doc with updated info), it seems that the IndexSearcher 
doesn't find the updated document.

Whether I specify no limiting criteria (to find all docs), or specific 
criteria to find just the doc I'm interested in, the new doc is never 
found. I'm not caching anything, so each time a search is done a new 
IndexSearcher is created. Additionally, when I delete I use a new 
IndexReader, and to add I use a new IndexWriter.

I'm using 1.3-RC1, but the same issue occurs on 1.2.

What the heck could I be doing wrong??

P.S.  I know that the document is in the index, because I wrote a Swing 
Lucene browser that lets me view the index and its docs using a 
TreePane and an EditorPane (which I'd be happy to contribute if 
somebody would like it).

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