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From "David Medinets" <>
Subject Re: Merging indexes and removing duplicates.
Date Fri, 09 May 2003 02:14:30 GMT
Out of curiosity is their some unique identifier for each document? Even so,
it seems like you need a central database (of some type) to handle
determining if a given document is indexed. If Lucene does the check, won't
it need to ask 15 different machines for the 'IsIndexedAlready' answer?

I'd use a servlet as a facade to a static hashmap (a singleton, of course)
which would act as a clearinghouse. You'd need two servlets with access to
the same hashmap. The first servlet inserts the document into the hashmap
and the second servlet handles the query.

-- out of country from May 9th to May 18th.

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