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From "Chris Miller" <>
Subject Re: Performance with a highly dynamic index
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2003 20:22:47 GMT
No I hadn't, but I will now, thanks for the pointer!  Are you're saying that
a disk-based index will be far too slow in my situation? I'll have to check
how big my index is going to grow, but we can always throw a gig or three of
RAM at it until it's happy if it comes down to that.

I'm not sure how useful backing up the index will be in our situation, I'll
have to play with that scenario a bit to see if it's worthwhile. I have a
feeling it might be easier just to rebuild the index completely if things go
tits up, since it'll be very difficult to get the slightly stale index back
in sync with our data anyway - depending on how long that takes of course!

If anyone out there has any more tips/advice it's most welcome ;-)

Thanks again David

"David Medinets" <> wrote in message
> Have you considered using a RAMDirectory and then backing up to disk on a
> scheduled basis?
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Chris Miller" <>
> > But... these documents will be changing quite rapidly, on the order of
> > 50,000 changes/day (a combination of updates/deletes/inserts). I'd like
> > be able to constantly update these documents in real-time while still
> being
> > able to search against them fairly heavily.

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