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From "Materna, Wolf-Dietrich (empolis B)" <>
Subject AW: Phrase Query
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2003 09:49:37 GMT
[Chandrashekhar Gupta]
> I am stuck up in searching a phrase in HTML document.The 
> problem is like this:
This question should be dealt on the lucene user list

> If I search "Last Will" phrase in the documents the search 
> results are those which contain only "Last" Term.
> I am using StopAnalyzer as the analyzer. I then realized that 
> the cause may be due to the fact that "will" is there in the 
> stop list for this analyzer. I removed the word "will"
> and run the search it is not giving any results 
> fot the same phrase.The Query object I am getting is of type 
> PhraseQuery.
> Any other phrase which does not contain any stop words works 
> fine..Could you please suggest how to deal with this problem..
> Any sort of help will be extremely helpful..
You have forgotten to rebuild your index after changing the stopword list.
Note that all stopwords will be ignored while indexing. That's why there are
no information available which documents contains the word "will" (and
You should always rebuild your index after changing something in the
	Wolf-Dietrich Materna

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