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From Avi Drissman <>
Subject Putting the Lucene index into a database
Date Wed, 19 Mar 2003 16:43:26 GMT
I've successfully used Lucene to do indexing of about 50-100K files, 
and have been keeping the index on a local disk. It's time to move 
up, and now I'm planning to index from 100-500K files.

I'm trying to decide whether or not it pays to hold the index in our 
database. Our database (FrontBase) has decent blob support, and a 
~300 meg index likely wouldn't faze it, but I have some concerns.

First, I'm looking at Directory, and there are two functions:
* OutputStream createFile(String name)
* InputStream openFile(String name)

How much of the streams do they take advantage of? Does Lucene seek 
around? I'm concerned about huge re-writing of files.

Second is speed. I was looking at SQLDirectory, and although I'd 
probably write my own (inspired by that), who's using it? How is the 
speed compared to flat-files?

Third is replication. We're aiming for a replicated environment. If 
we wanted to build the index on the disk rather than in the database, 
every server would have to keep their own copy. Does anyone have any 
experience in this?



Avi 'rlwimi' Drissman
Argh! This darn mail server is trunca

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