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From Leo Galambos <>
Subject Re: Regarding Setup Lucine for my site
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2003 20:35:06 GMT
> > On the other hand, if you extend Lucene with your hacks, you will
> > find out
> > that the model of Lucene is unknown and many parts are hard-coded. It
> > boosts speed, but it disallows future enhancements (I could name the
> > parts, I hope we do not start flamewar here).
> I'm all eyes and I'm a serious grown-up with good manners :)
> Constructive suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

1. 2 threads per request may improve speed up to 50%

2. Merger is hard coded

3. you cannot use different inverted lists in one index (i.e. pagerank and
doc_id instead of doc_id/prox_handle/freq/...), inverted lists do not
support multilevel skips (see MoZo papers about this topic)

4. you cannot implement dissemination + wrappers for internet servers 
which would serve as static barrels.

5. Document metadata cannot be stored as a programmer wants, he must
translate the object to a set of fields

6. Lucene cannot implement your own dynamization



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