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From Joseph Ottinger <>
Subject Re: IndexReader.delete(int) not working for me
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2003 18:11:15 GMT
Okay, I found the problem: it was a stupid coder. To wit, here's the
salient code:
Document d=indexReader.document(i);
if(d.getField("key").equals(node.getKey()) {

The error, of course, is that getField.equals() is comparing FIELDS and
not string values. When I changed this to pull the stringValue() out of
getField(), everything worked as expected. Turns out my logging actually
was spitting out the *wrong* message somewhere else, which deceived
me^Wthe stupid coder into thinking the removal was occurring when it was

Now everything's working fine. Thank you for your time.

On Wed, 5 Mar 2003, Doug Cutting wrote:

> Joseph Ottinger wrote:
> > Then this means that my IndexReader.delete(i) isn't working properly. What
> > would be the common causes for this? My log shows the documents being
> > deleted, so something's going wrong at that point.
> Are you closing the IndexReader after doing the deletes?  This is
> required for the deletions to be saved.
> What makes you think that that delete is not working properly?
> Doug
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