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From Tatu Saloranta <>
Subject Re: Regarding Setup Lucine for my site
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 04:28:57 GMT
On Wednesday 05 March 2003 13:35, Leo Galambos wrote:
> > I'm all eyes and I'm a serious grown-up with good manners :)
> > Constructive suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

First a disclaimer: I don't mean to sound too negative. I'm genuinely curious 
about many of the issues you mention. But I'm not sure I really understand 
them. :-)

> 1. 2 threads per request may improve speed up to 50%

Hmm? Could you clarify? During indexing, multithreading may speed things
up (splitting docs to index in 2 or more sets, indexing separately, combining
indexing). But... isn't that a good thing? Or are you saying that it'd be good 
to have multi-threaded search functionality for single search? (in my 
experience searching is seldom the slow part)

> 2. Merger is hard coded

In a way that is bad because... ?
(ie. what is the specific problem... I assume you mean index merging

> 4. you cannot implement dissemination + wrappers for internet servers
> which would serve as static barrels.

Could you explain this bit more thoroughly (or pointers on longer 

> 5. Document metadata cannot be stored as a programmer wants, he must
> translate the object to a set of fields

Yes? I'd think that possibility of doing separate fields is a good thing; 
after all, all a plain text search engine needs to provide (to be considered 
one) is indexing of plain text data, right?
Plus, Lucene is not a Content Management System (or database), but
content indexing system. As such I'm not sure why storage should not be 
optimized to allow for fast searches (which means flattening contents, 
amongst other things).

That is not to say that things couldn't be improved; it might be a good idea 
to define small set of base interfaces / classes to make it easier to convert 
from 'objectified' textual data to straight-forward indexing.

FWIW I am actually using Lucene for storing documents that have extensive 
metadata associated, and I don't find restrictions too bad... but that's 
certainly matter of taste. :-)

> 6. Lucene cannot implement your own dynamization

(sorry, I must sound real thick here).
Could you elaborate on this... what do you mean by dynamization?

-+ Tatu +-

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