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From "Nellaiyappan Gomathinayagam" <>
Subject RE: regarding Increamenta Indexing
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2003 13:23:14 GMT
Hi Serge Knystautas,
Exactly i need the same functionality.
Thanks for the information. And if you don't mind, can u please send me the sample code of
implemeting the stuff.
Thanks a ton

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	From: Serge Knystautas [] 
	Sent: Tue 3/4/2003 9:10 AM 
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	Subject: Re: regarding Increamenta Indexing

	Nellaiyappan Gomathinayagam wrote:
	> Hi,
	> Actually already i have added some thousan documents for indexing. Now i need to include
one more file for indexing. So if i recreate again, then it will take more time. So how to
include this single file in the already existing index. is it possible. Will that code do
the same thing wat i am expecting??
	When our system does indexing updates, we do the following:
	1. make a list of documents that have changed.
	2. loop through the list of documents doing the following:
	   a. remove those documents (if they exist) from the index.
	   b. add those documents to a temp index
	3. merge the temp index into the main index
	4. record when we did the update.
	You can't add and delete from an index at the same time (from our
	understanding), so this is why we're using the temp index.  We have a
	last-updated value for every document in our system, so as an added
	benefit, if the update gets aborted mid-way through, there is minimal
	impact.  The only downside is documents that have been updated are
	removed, but the next time the update runs, it will add those back in.
	Serge Knystautas
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	p. 301.656.5501
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