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From "Christoph Kiehl">
Subject Re: Syntax Problem
Date Sun, 16 Feb 2003 00:41:28 GMT
Terry Steichen wrote:
> I have an index which, when searched with this query ("cloning clone
> animal") produces 1103 hits.  A different, more narrow query
> ("(cloning clone) AND animal") produces only 19 hits.

AFAIK the terms in your queries are by default concatenated by OR. This
means "cloning clone animal" == "cloning OR clone OR animal".

> What's puzzling to me is that if I try a different (but supposedly
> identical) form of the more narrow query ("+(cloning clone)
> +animal"), it produces 1103 hits rather than the 19 that I expect.
> In other words, "+(cloning clone) +animal" appears to be the
> equivalent of "cloning OR clone OR animal" rather than "(cloning OR
> clone) AND animal".

Hm, strange. I would expect "+(cloning clone) +animal" being translated to
"(cloning OR clone) AND animal". I just tried it here. The translation is
done as I expected. Perhaps you could try the last query ("(cloning OR
clone) AND animal") and compare the resultsize with the one from "+(cloning
clone) +animal" (even if both seem to be the same as "(cloning clone) AND
animal" ;)?


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