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From "Rishabh Bajpai" <>
Subject Re: Document.setBoost(float??) |
Date Fri, 07 Feb 2003 14:03:38 GMT

can you tell me how we use this method (as in it is just a simple call on doc.setBoost(float)
or some other paramters,etc need to be set)? and from which version is this available-bcoz
i neither found it in the javadocs, nor in the src-code?


On Thu, 6 Feb 2003 08:38:35   
 Tatu Saloranta wrote:
>On Wednesday 05 February 2003 23:54, Rishabh Bajpai wrote:
>> document changes if we give a boost factor. but i am not clear as to why we
>> want the document score to change like this; rather each of the field's
>A guess: this was an something easy to implement and still useful for some 
>users (since in many cases some documents can be considered "better", based 
>on some feedback or source or type). It doesn't really replace more advanced 
>methods of figuring out relevance. So what you are requesting could well 
>co-exist with doc boost feature.
>> score within the document should vary? Suppose i am searching for "i am
>> rishabh"....i want to boost "rishabh" when i am tokenizing this phrase and
>> indexing it...this would essentially mean that "rishabh" shold have a
>> greater relevancy than "i" and "am" in each of the documents to which these
>> fields are added?
>I don't know if there's any feature that would do exactly that, but if you can 
>separate just one or two classes of "more important" words (keywords), you 
>could create separate index(es) for those, and boost the search to keyword 
>index higher than search for other plain text content.
>-+ Tatu +-
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