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Subject Re: Error running ant
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2003 00:58:41 GMT
butleree wrote:

>I am new to Lucene, at the moment I'm trying to get it to work.
>I am using Windows 98 and I have installed ant and set my classpaths etc, 
>however on running ant from c:\lucene\lucene-1.2-src I am getting the error
>java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: COM/sun/labs/javacc/Main
>I read the build.xml file and was instructed to
> Please download and install JavaCC 2.0 from:
>      <>
>      Then, create a file either in your home
>      directory, or within the Lucene directory and set the javacc.home
>      property to the path where is located. For example,
>      if you installed JavaCC in /usr/local/java/javacc2.0, then set the
>      javacc.home property to:
>      javacc.home=/usr/local/java/javacc2.0/bin
>I have done this, I downloaded to c:\java and set the 
>javacc.home property to
>javacc.home=c:/java/bin in the file
>This hasn't made a difference.
>Has anyone done this on windows if so I would appreciate help.
I did this just yesterday (on Linux, but that shouldn't matter).  First, 
I'd like to suggest to whomever, that the documentation be updated to 
say JavaCC 2.1, since I've confirmed it works.

Emma, you must unzip the zip file.  It contains a Java executable 
(.class) file, which you must run to install the JavaCC application (a 
la:  "java ClassName").  This initiates a graphical install process. 
 Once you've done that, note the directory that you've installed the 
application into, and specify that in your property file.

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