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Subject Re: AW: BooleanClause not serializable
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2003 19:02:56 GMT
Materna, Wolf-Dietrich (empolis B) wrote:

>>Can BooleanClause be made serializable?
>>I am constructing a compound query object in a servlet, and 
>>sending it 
>>to my back-end server which performs a lucene search and returns the 
>>results.  All of the classes I need to construct my query are 
>>serializable (i.e., Term, Query, BooleanQuery, RangeQuery...) 
>>except for 
>>BooleanClause.  In fact, I'm not even creating BooleanClause, so I 
>>assume Boolean Query (which _is_ tagged as serializable) is 
>>creating it internally.
>This is already done. You have to use the latest developer version from
>the CVS. Look at <> how to
>get it.
>	Wolf-Dietrich
Thank you Wolf, I have already patched and rebuilt my 1.2 copy, since I 
can't put a development version into production.  I was just concerned 
that with the next Lucene release, I would like my application to 
continue working. :)

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