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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: Computing Relevancy Differently
Date Mon, 10 Feb 2003 18:57:34 GMT
Terry Steichen wrote:
> Can you give me an idea of what to replace the lengthNorm() method with to,
> for example, remove any special weight given to shorter matching documents?

The goal of the default implementation is not to give any special weight 
to shorter documents, but rather to remove the advantage longer 
documents have.  Longer documents are likely to have more matches simply 
because they contain more terms.  Also, for the query "foo", a document 
containing just "foo" is a better match than a longer one containing 
"foo bar baz", since the match is more exact.

However, one problem with this approach can be that very short documents 
are in fact not very informative.  Thus a bias against very short 
documents is sometimes useful.

> I can certainly go through a bunch of trial-and-error efforts, but it would
> help if I had some grasp of the logic initially.
> For example, from DefaultSimilarity, here's the lengthNorm() method:
>   public float lengthNorm(String fieldName, int numTerms) {
>     return (float)(1.0 / Math.sqrt(numTerms));
>   }
> Should I (for the purpose of eliminating any size bias) override it to
> always return a 1?

That's something to try, although, as mentioned above, I suspect your 
top hits will be dominated by long documents.  Try it.  It's really not 
a difficult experiment!

One trick I've used to keep very short documents from dominating 
results, that, while good matches, are not informative documents, is to 
override this with something like:

    public float lengthNorm(String fieldName, int numTerms) {
      super.lengthNorm(fieldName, Math.max(numTerms, 100));

This way all fields shorter than 100 terms are scored like fields 
containing 100 terms.  Long documents are still normalized, but search 
is biased a bit against very short documents.

> How would I boost the headline field here? Is that how you are supposed to
> use the (presently unused) fieldName parameter?  If that's the case, I
> assume I would logically (to do what I'm trying to do) make this factor
> greater than 1 for the 'headline' field, and 1 for all other fields?

You could do that here too.  So, for example, you could do something like:

    public float lengthNorm(String fieldName, int numTerms) {
      float n = super.lengthNorm(fieldName, Math.max(numTerms, 100));
      if (fieldName.equals("headline"))
        n *= 4.0f;
      return n;

Equivalently, you could create your documents with something like:

   Document d = new Document();
   Field f = new Field.Text("headline", headline);

But headlines tend to be short, and naturally benefit from the default 
lengthNorm implementation.  So what you really might want is something like:

    public float lengthNorm(String fieldName, int numTerms) {
      if (fieldName.equals("headline"))
        return 4.0f * super.lengthNorm(fieldName, numTerms);
        return super.lengthNorm(fieldName, Math.max(numTerms, 100));

This is probably what I'd try first.


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