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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: Indexing in a CBD Environment
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 22:50:41 GMT
I'm not sure I understand the question, but I'll hazard an answer 
anyway.  Might it work to maintain separate indexes for B, C, E and F, 
then use a MultiSearcher to search them all?  That would keep updates 


Cohan, Sean wrote:
> I am a total newbie to Lucene.  We are developing using a Component-Based
> Development (CBD) approach (j2ee, oracle, linux) where our app is built
> using separate stand-alone components.  The standalone components may reside
> on separate boxes and will typically have their own databases.  
> From what I understand, Lucene operates on a collection of flat documents
> (or objects) of a single type at one time.  For our project, we need a
> search that will operate on a diverse range of objects that are interrelated
> by foreign keys.  
> We have thought of constructing a flat multi-field document that represents
> the tree of all dependent objects we wish to search.  Unfortunately, doing
> so is difficult to do with CBD.  
> Object Hierarchy                  Flattened Document
>     A                             A.A-field1
>     |                             A.A-field2
> +---+---+                         A.B-field1
> |   |   |                         A.B-field2
> B   C   D                         A.C-field1
>         +--+                      A.D-field1
>         |  |                      A.D-E-field1
>         E  F                      A.D-F-field1
> In the example above, if you want to index the object tree indicated by the
> diagram at left, you can do so easily upon an update of A, by traversing the
> tree, to produce something that looks like the flattened document at right.
> The problem comes when you want to individually update objects B-F.
> Assuming these objects are in other components (i.e., databases) that have
> no knowledge of A, there is no way to update their data within the context
> of the hierarchy.
> We can't think of any way to make the flat structure of Lucerne work with
> CBD.
> We greatly appreciate any ideas or suggestions.  Thanks.
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