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From Kelvin Tan <>
Subject Fwd: The LARM project
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2002 04:49:07 GMT

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From: "Clemens Marschner" <>
To: Lucene Developers List <>
Sent: Mon, 2 Dec 2002 01:13:47 +0100
Subject: The LARM project

>It's been weeks now that there were talks on this list about how the
>future of Lucene could look like. We all agreed that the core engine
>is solid and only needs little enhancements.
>However, we also agreed that in order to leverage Lucene to a higher
>level we will need a best-practices implementation of the most
>common cases the Lucene engine is used for.
>Since then, there were a lot of talks off-list among a group of
>people who mostly contributed code to the lucene-sandbox area, about
>how these parts could be brought together to form a greater whole.
>The result has now emerged, after weeks of discussion, in a proposal
>that we would like to discuss with the rest of you before spending
>even more weeks arguing about details. We currently regard it as a
>sandbox project.
>It consists of two parts: The Lucene Framework and the Lucene
>Retrieval Machine. The latter based upon the former, we call the
>whole package "LARM" (which is by coincidence also the name of the
>old crawler. We haven't figured out yet what the "A" stands for,
>The mission we came up with reads like this:
>"The Lucene Retrieval Machine forms a complete and highly scalable
>search solution for end-users of the Lucene search engine: Capable
>of intelligently indexing data from various sources, preprocessing
>of source documents configurable by the end user, up to a best-
>practice implementation of online search functionality.
>It will be based on the Lucene Framework that provides
>implementations for data aggregation and indexing functionality
>utilizing the Lucene indexing API, while being easily extensible and
>constructible by application developers or researchers."
>As it turns out, much of the functionality we would regard to be an
>essential core of this search engine server (lifecycle management,
>configuration etc.) is already provided by the Apache Avalon
>project, especially by the Phoenix meta-server. Avalon comes with a
>different (and therefore a little more complicated) philosophy most
>of us are used to, but I have already pitched a note on their
>mailing list asking for support, and received an enormous response.
>We would like to get in contact with them -
>perhaps a viable collaboration can emerge.
>The rest of the documents can be downloaded from CVS from
>Clemens Marschner
>(with Otis Gospodnetic, Peter Carlson, and Kelvin Tan)
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