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From David Kendig <>
Subject ISOGEN XML Query Results
Date Wed, 30 Oct 2002 13:24:56 GMT
I'm trying a compound query using ISOGEN's XML package for Lucene and I am 
consistently getting 0 hits when I know ahead of time I should be getting one 

This query returns lots of hits.

query1 = nodetype:ALL_CONTENT  AND content:foobar

This query is structured to return one known hit that is returned from query1 
that has <Start_Date>19900509</Start_Date>. 

query2 = tagname:Start_Date AND content:19900509

The problem is that query1 and query2 work fine individually until I combine 
them with an 'AND'.  Then it returns 0 hits.

query3 =  ( tagname:Start_Date AND content:19900509 ) AND ( 
nodetype:ALL_CONTENT  AND content:foobar)

If the same document is returned in query1 and in query2, why wouldn't it be 
returned with query3?

Thanks for any help,


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