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From Stray Toaster <>
Subject Re: definite matching
Date Thu, 24 Oct 2002 10:49:34 GMT
On Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 12:39:18PM +0200, Materna, Wolf-Dietrich (empolis B) wrote:
> Hello,
> [Stray Toaster [] wrote]:
> >One more thing, honest!
> Did you read the manual
> ?
> It doesn't explain all details, but you can also create a small test index
> and try it out.

I did, I was just a little bit unsure, so I thought I would ask.

> >If I have a numeric field, will
> >+23
> >match 23 AND 230 AND 2345 etcetc?
> No, it matches only "23". If you want to get all numbers starting with "23"
> append a *.

I thought that, I was just checking.

> Beware if you use an analyzer with a stemmer, then the analyzer will handle
> "toasted", "toasting" and other forms as "toast".
> The StandardAnalyzer doesn't perform stemming, so you'll get, what you need.

Ah, I am using the StandardAnalyzer. But thanks for the pointer.

cheers, again!

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