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From Marvin Cruz <>
Subject Help on lucene
Date Tue, 15 Oct 2002 03:21:15 GMT
Hi all,

Im new to lucene and wanted to ask help, why is it
that i cannot search the word "brown" in the sample
HTML file below: But when i put a whitespace between
the word brown and the <h1> closing tag, the search
will be successful. what gives to such behaviour? 


ps. im using lucene demo.

<html><head><link rel="stylesheet" href="fmff.css"
class="booktitle">The Quick Brown</h1><a
id="tocpg_0:0:0:0"/><div name="title"
id="tocpg_0:0:0:0"><h2 class="toctitle">Business and
Process Management</h2></div><p class="sumchanges">
		(Click here for a summary of changes in this
	</p><a id="tocpg_1:0:1:1"/><div name="title"
id="tocpg_1:0:1:1"><h3 class="sidtitle">the quick fox
jumps over the lazy dog.</h3></div><p><span

		<a style="text-decoration:none"
href="popupauthor:RCUN"><span class="sidauthname">Blah
Blah</span></a></p><a id="tocpg_2:1:6:2"/><div
name="title" id="tocpg_2:1:6:2"><h3
class="level1title">1.&#160;Need for Strategic
Facilities Management</h3></div></body></html>

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