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From "Ravi Kothiyal" <>
Subject Re: Xtreeme Newbie, trying to get demos to work
Date Sat, 05 Oct 2002 07:33:04 GMT
Yes You need Java Server/JSP engine to run webapplication demo .
If are using any jsp/servlet engine . Configure the luceneweb.war application with the demo
in the jsp engine.

Then create the index file for serach.
For that you have to add lucene-2.1.jar and lucene-demos-2.1.jar in your classpath.

the Index can be created by
java org.apache.lucene.demo.IndexHTML -create -index pathtostoreindex pathofyourdocumentstobeindexed

modify the path of index in the configuration.jsp in the luceneweb.jar 

This will make your search engine work

For more help visit

Hope this will help you

----- Original Message -----
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 06:46:15 +0000
Subject: Xtreeme Newbie, trying to get demos to work

> I am trying to run the Demo.
> I couldnt find any docs on running the demo, does Lucene require Tomcat 
> and/or other Java WebServer technology?
> I am new to java but not programming or computers, just dont know what the 
> firsts steps are to getting Lucene Demo to work, any hints are greately 
> apreciated.
> Also if you could provide the link to further info so I can look it up 
> myself instead of clugging this newsgroup with stupid questions.
> Thank you
> On WindowsXP, I have lucene-1.2.jar and lucene-demos-1.2.jar sitting in the 
> same directory.
> I have tried : java lucene-demos-1.2.jar with no luck.
> I have searched the user mailing list archive with out any luck either.
> I have searched without any luck either.
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