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Subject RE: Read-only mode index
Date Mon, 09 Sep 2002 09:51:23 GMT
I posted a message that might have been the one you were thinking of:

>I've been investigating using Lucene to search html pages on CD-ROM, using
>an applet as the search interface. It isn't as easy as I'd hoped...
>One problem is that lock files are written while searching to prevent
>concurrent updates of the index -- clearly that doesn't work too well on
>read-only media! But I notice there are current changes which will make the
>use of lock files configurable.
>Another problem is security restrictions on applets. Unfortunately one of
>these is not being able to read system properties and the new mechanism for
>turning off lock files uses a system property, so that ain't going to work
>well in my case...

Ie the system property solves the read-only media problem, but not if you
are writing an applet based solution. The "CD-ROM and search applet" seems a
natural pairing, so I was hoping there could be an alternative way of doing


Educational Software, LTS

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From: Otis Gospodnetic [] 
Sent: 09 September 2002 02:22
To: Lucene Users List
Subject: Re: Read-only mode index

Yes, that issue has been addressed and taken care of.
This is from CHANGES.txt:

 3. Added the ability to disable lock creation by using disableLuceneLocks
    system property.  This is useful for read-only media, such as CD-ROMs.

I remember somebody following up on this change and warning of a downfall of
this solution, and I remember thinking that the comment was valid or
semi-valid, but I can't remember who made the comment, nor what exactly the
comment was. Maybe this solution needs to be fixed, but for now this should


--- Herman Chen <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I recall having seen discussions on the need for accessing index in 
> read-only mode.  Has there been a solution suggested or any 
> contributions?  Thanks.
> --
> Herman

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