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From Peter Carlson <>
Subject Comparing Intermedia and Lucene
Date Wed, 25 Sep 2002 18:01:04 GMT
I have used intermedia in the past and found that it had a few 
advantages and disadvantages compared to Lucene.

Advantages of Intermedia
1) Content in database so can be easily accessed and fielded out with 
many tools
2) Can combine text queries with SQL queries
3) Has richer support for themes
4) Supports term expansion and contraction

Now items 3 and 4 of Intermedia advantages can be added as Features to 
Lucene, but are not currently.

Advantages of Lucene
1) Search Speed (intermedia was very very slow for us when search full 
text - also I run Lucene on a single processor sun an I ran Intermedia 
on a dual processor box with a RAID)
2) Index integrity (When we indexed with Intermedia it would fail 1 out 
of every 5 or 6 times)
3) Indexing Speed (Indexing was about 2/3 slower on Intermedia)
4) File based (It is easy to distribute a Lucene index on multiple 
computers, where Intermedia you had to connect to one mondy machine)
5) Cost
6) Support (the Lucene mailling list provide much better support than 
7) Personal skill level (To run Intermedia I would recommend having 
someone knowledgeable as a DBA)
8) Built in QueryParser (Intermedia does not come with a way to parse 
the query string into an Intermedia Query - you have to write your own).

Some of this issues may have been specific to my situation, but that's 
my experience.


On Wednesday, September 25, 2002, at 05:22 AM, Mariusz Dziewierz wrote:

> Nader S. Henein wrote:
>> We had to do the same thing, we moved from an Oracle Intermedia 
>> search to
>> Lucene (much better) the data is stored in the database.
> Could you give some reasons which lead you to conclusion that Lucene 
> is much better than Oracle Intermedia in terms of searching data 
> stored in database? I'm currently reviewing technologies related to 
> text mining and I am very curious about your motives because I haven't 
> opportunity to evaluate both technologies yet.
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> Mariusz Dziewierz
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