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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: Is Lucene suitable for one-time index and one-time search ?
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2002 17:19:49 GMT
Mailing Lists Account wrote:
> In effect, what I am trying to do is 'Find in a File(s)' but with one or
> more terms( containing AND/OR/phrases as operators.)
> It appears to me that the lucene as all pieces to solve this. That is,
> extract the terms, index the document and run the query to see if the
> document is returned in the results.
> If lucene is an overkill for my kind of app, what are the other approaces to
> search a document with a query much similar to what Lucene suppports it. Can
> that avoid creating indices ? I really appreciate any pointers.

Lucene might be overkill, but indeed it can solve this.  So if it's not 
way too slow, you might just go ahead and use Lucene, as building this 
from scratch could be a fair amount of work.

However, if Lucene is not giving you adequate performance for this task, 
then you might just try rewriting your queries as regular expressions 
and then the text of each document to see if it matches.  This may be 
difficult if you're depending on Lucene's analysis modules to perform 
stemming, etc.


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