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Subject Field.Unstored vs. Field.Text
Date Fri, 26 Jul 2002 19:39:22 GMT
Will using Field.UnStored(String name, String value) produce approximately
the same size index as if you used Field.Text(String name, Reader value)?

My originial implentation of the Lucene Indexer used
Field.Text(some_string,some_reader) and parsed the html body content on the
fly, as per the example IndexHTML file.  Now I supply the pre-parsed
content as a string from an xml file and use the
Field.Unstored(some_string,some_other_string).  Unfortunately, it seems as
though my index size has gone from a meager 60MB to a whopping 900MB.  Any
suggestions as to what may be causing this?  Am indexing around 60k files.



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