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From Peter Carlson <>
Subject Lucene Release Candidate 1.2-RC5 is now available
Date Tue, 14 May 2002 22:06:44 GMT
Lucene Release Candidate 1.2-RC5 is now available.

This includes the following changes:
1. Renamed to and updated
    the BUILD.txt document to describe how to override the settings without having to edit the file. This
    brings the build process closer to Scarab's build process.

 2. Added MultiFieldQueryParser class. (Kelvin Tan, via otis)

 3. Updated "powered by" links. (otis)

 4. Fixed instruction for setting up JavaCC - Bug #7017 (otis)

 5. Added throwing exception if FSDirectory could not create diectory
    - Bug #6914 (Eugene Gluzberg via otis)

 6. Update MultiSearcher, MultiFieldParse, Constants, DateFilter,
    LowerCaseTokenizer javadoc (otis)

 7. Added fix to avoid NullPointerException in results.jsp
    (Mark Hayes via otis)

 8. Changed Wildcard search to find 0 or more char instead of 1 or more
    (Lee Mallobone, via otis)

 9. Fixed error in offset issue in GermanStemFilter - Bug #7412
    (Rodrigo Reyes, via otis)

 10. Added unit tests for wildcard search and DateFilter (otis)

 11. Allow co-existence of indexed and non-indexed fields with the same name
     (cutting/casper, via otis)

 12. Add escape character to query parser.

 13. Applied a patch that ensures that searches that use DateFilter
     don't throw an exception when no matches are found. (David Smiley, via
 14. Fixed bugs in DateFilter and wildcardquery unit tests. (cutting, otis,

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