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From petite_abeille <>
Subject FileNotFoundException: Too many open files
Date Fri, 26 Apr 2002 07:52:35 GMT

I'm running into this exception quiet often while using Lucene (the 
situation is so bad with the latest rc, that I had to revert to the last 
com.lucene package). I'm sure I have my fair share of bugs in my app, 
but nonetheless, how can I "control" Lucene usage of RandomAccessFile? 
The indexes are optimized and I try to keep a close look at how many 
IndexWriter/Reader exists at any point in time... Nevertheless, I run 
into that exception much too often :-( Any help appreciated!

"04/26 00:07:11 (Warning) Finder.findObjectsWithSpecificationInStore:  _la.f9 (Too many open files)"

Also, on a somewhat related note, how do I "shut down" Lucene properly. 
Eg, do I need to do anything with the IndexWriter and so on?

Last, but not least, is there a way to turn of the file locking in the 
latest rc as it's really getting in the way :-(

Finally, I just wanted to make sure: Lucene is fully multi-threaded 
right? I can do search *and* write concurrently in different threads at 
the same time on the same index?

Any insight much appreciated!



BTW, should I post this kind of question to user or dev?

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