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From petite_abeille <>
Subject Re: FileNotFoundException: Too many open files
Date Fri, 26 Apr 2002 15:20:24 GMT
Hi Otis,

> I looked only at your application's screenshots and based on that my
> guess is that you have a fairly high number of index fields, and if I
> recall correctly that can cause the above error.

Well, I used to have an index per class. And I have around a dozen 
classes that get indexed. When trying to switch to the latest rc (with 
the exact same code base), I ran into so many problems with the now 
infamous "FileNotFoundException" that I consolidated everything in one 
index per object store. And switched back to the com.lucene package that 
-as far as I can personally tell- is *much* more stable. I do not store 
the content of the objects in the index, just some uuid as Field.Keyword 
and other attributes as Field.UnStored. On average, there seem to be 
less than one hundred Lucene files per index.

> This was mentioned on the list once, too.
> I suggested using a shutdown hook in Runtime package, but then somebody
> responded with a drawback of that approach.

I have this one under control... Thanks.

> Not that I know.  If locking is getting in the way maybe you are not
> using Lucene properly.  I haven't downloaded your application yet, so I
> haven't had the chance to peek at the source.

Please feel free to do so... ;-)

> Yes, I believe so - I never encountered any problems with that.

Great. That was my assumption all along...


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