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From Otis Gospodnetic <>
Subject Re: Lucene index integrity... or lack of :-(
Date Fri, 26 Apr 2002 15:51:23 GMT

> > There is no tool to detect index corruption, fixing of indexing,
> nor
> > index rebuilding.
> > The last one anyone can/has to do on their own.
> :-( Well, that *very* sad to say the least... How do I know if my 
> indexes are not corrupted even if everything seems to be working
> fine? 
> Don't tell me I'm the first one to run into this kind of issues?!?
> How 
> can I "trust" an index if there is *no* way of checking its
> integrity? 
> And even if you happen to notice that something is fishy, there is no
> way to rebuild the index -short or re-indexing everything from
> scratch? 
> That does not sound like a very "healthy" situation to me. "Fragile" 
> will be kind for describing it...

Yes, that's all unfortunate.  If you come up with anything, please
share it.  Or, you can use Lucene Sandbox and develop stuff there.

> > I've seen people asking about this on the list, but I never
> encountered
> > this particular exception.
> Lucky you...


> > Maybe it's not a Lucene issue then, although I've seen this
> mentioned
> > so often, which means that documentation could be improved to
> prevent
> > people from making the same mistakes that others have already made.
> Maybe, maybe not. And most likely I'm doing something odd. In any
> case, 
> could you point me to the "mistakes that others have already made"?
> Or 
> did I miss something obvious here?

Nah, the only thing I can suggest is check the lists' archives, that is
where mistakes of others would be recorded.


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