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From Otis Gospodnetic <>
Subject Re: HTML parser
Date Fri, 19 Apr 2002 06:05:38 GMT
Hello Terrence,

Ah, you got me.
I guess I need a bit of both.
I need to just strip HTML and get raw body text so that I can stick it
in Lucene's index.
I would also like something that can extract at least the
<title>...</title> stuff, so that I can stick that in a separate field
in Lucene index.
While doing that I, like you, need to be able to handle poorly
formatted web pages.

In a future I may need something that has the ability to extract HREFs,
but I'll stick to one of the XP principles and just look for something
that meets current needs :)

I looked for ANTLR-based HTML parser a few days ago, but must have
missed the one you pointed out.  I'll take a look at it now.
Can you share or describe your stripHTML method?  Simple java that
looks for <s and >s or something smarter?

This type of thing makes me wish I can use Perl or Python :)

--- Terence Parr <> wrote:
> On Thursday, April 18, 2002, at 10:28  PM, Otis Gospodnetic wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I need to select an HTML parser for the application that I'm
> writing
> > and I'm not sure what to choose.
> > The HTML parser included with Lucene looks flimsy, JTidy looks like
> a
> > hack and an overkill, using classes written for Swing
> > (javax.swing.text.html.parser) seems wrong, and I haven't tried
> David
> > McNicol's parser (included with Spindle).
> >
> > Somebody on this list must have done some research on this subject.
> > Can anyone share some experiences?
> > Have you found a better HTML parser than any of those I listed
> above?
> > If your application deals with HTML, what do you use for parsing
> it?
> Hi Otis,
> I have an HTML parser built for ANTLR, but it's pretty strict in what
> it 
> accepts.  Not sure how useful it will be for you, but here it is:
> I am not sure what your goal is, but I personally have to scarf all 
> sorts of HTML from various websites to such them into the jGuru
> search 
> engine.  I use a simple stripHTML() method I wrote to handle it. 
> Works 
> great.  Kills everything but the text.  is that the kind of thing you
> are looking for or do you really want to parse not filter?
> Terence
> --
> Co-founder,
> Creator, ANTLR Parser Generator:
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