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From Kent Vilhelmsen <>
Subject Problems with index updates
Date Sun, 14 Apr 2002 21:26:36 GMT

I've got an index with about 1.5 million documents indexed. To make
the index available to my web applications, I've put up a tomcat 4.0
server with a couple of jsp pages doing the job of querying the index
and return the results. the searchload is quite low/moderate. 

The search seems to work fine; the real problem is the update of the
index (which is the same as the "live" index). Every 10-15 minutes a
few hundred articles are added to the index, but this process seems to
be very unstable; in particular, the commit.lock file seems to cause
problems when opening or closing he index.

I've implemented the update-program as a separate process running
continously, sleeping for about 10 minutes before each new update.
Thus the update-cycle is something like

IndexWriter writer ; 

while (true) {

    // - fetch content to be indexed (works fine)

    // - get index (problem 1)    
    try {  
	writer = new IndexWriter("/home/search/nbindex", new
StandardAnalyzer(), false);
    } catch (Exception e) {
	System.out.println("Exception when opening index. Wait for commit.lock
: " + e);
        // Couldn't initialize writer; commit.lock exists

    // ... if writer initialization went OK, update the index

    // ... if a couple of hours have gone since last time, optimize   

    // close index - seems to cause problems sometimes too
    writer.close() ; 

    // Sleep for 10 minutes


Now, I've tried to explicitly delete commit.lock in the program loop
(just to test it..) - that wasn't a good idea, since forcing index
updates several times without all of them being able to complete,
damages the index. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong?


Kent Vilhelmsen

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