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From "Kelvin Tan" <>
Subject Objects as search results
Date Thu, 04 Apr 2002 02:12:57 GMT
Here's a topic which to my recollection (surprisingly) hasn't been brought
up: Assuming development in an object-oriented environment, it's a fair
assumption that the eventual target of searching is an object. How are
developers making this happen?

Are all fields of the objects indexed and displayed accordingly (this means
that the Document essentially takes the place of the object for search
results. bad idea IMHO)? Is there some way for the object to be
instantiated, then populated? How are these objects then displayed as search

Here are some comments I have:

a) Documents shouldn't be used for displaying search results. To do so would
be inflexible and limit the type of data displayed as results to the fields
in a document. This means that if you wish to display more information, more
information has to be added to the document. This somewhat violates the
purpose of the document, I think, which is to provide an abstraction of a
atomic collection of searched/indexed fields. You may be able to get away
with it for simple applications, but I don't think it's a good idea.

Ideally, objects should be used to display the results then, since that's
what a result represents. I use Velocity, so this is easy for me. I retrieve
the objects as a collection (somehow), and stuff them into the Context for

b) Different types of objects obviously have different types of metadata.
How can the different fields for each object be displayed, when the types of
objects to be indexed aren't fixed? (I use fields and metadata
interchangeably, so metadata is really a collection of fields of an object)

c) I use Torque, so object instantiation and population is a pretty easy
thing. I have no real solution to others, who don't have some kind of O/R
tool of sorts.

I have addressed these points to my satisfaction in a current app, but they
are terribly reliant on a specific combination (Torque and Velocity). I'm
really interested to know how other developers have approached this.

Kelvin Tan

Relevanz Pte Ltd

180B Bencoolen St.
The Bencoolen, #04-01

Tel: 6238 6229
Fax: 6337 4417

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