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From Ype Kingma <>
Subject Re: lucene web-app & russian language
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2002 20:49:11 GMT

>Hi! I was trying the lucene web-app (lucene-1.2-rc5-dev.jar). I've created
>and indexed a simple html document with both english and russian words. it
>was ANSI encoded, if I check  _3.fdt from created index, I can see my
>document indexed and both russian and english terms indexed (it opens in utf
>encoding, i suppose). but the problem starts when searching. If i search
>with russian word, it returns nothing, if I search with engglish, it returns
>a result, but all russian words are returned as ? signs. I've changed .jsp
>contenttypes to return in UTF-8 encoding, but the resukt is still the same.
>So, finally, does Lucene those multilingual search or not? What am I doing
>wrong? I am trying to make it work since version 1.0 with russian docs, but
>still no idea and no resutls :((((((

Did you read the FAQ on the use of the StandardAnalyzer during indexing
and query parsing? You might need to replace it with a RussianAnalyzer
which you'll have to make yourself when no one has done this before
you. Have a look at the GermanAnalyzer for some inspiration.

Good luck,


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