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From geoff webb <>
Subject Re: Database integration best practices ...
Date Wed, 27 Mar 2002 10:53:30 GMT
Peter Sojan wrote:
> I forgot one thing to ask:
> I think I would end up in something:
> SELECT * FROM atable WHERE id = 12 AND id = 23 AND id = 34 AND ....


   SELECT * FROM atable WHERE id IN ( 12, 23, 34 ... )


   SELECT * FROM atable WHERE id = 12 OR id = 23 OR id = 34 OR

Would be more what you want to achieve!

However this would be quite slow as you would have to do a search on the 
then retrieve data from the database. A nicer approach would be to store
summary data in the index itself and retrieve this from the index 
directly after performing a search. Only when a user selects an entry 
from this summary would you retrieve data from the database directly. In 
essence the search returns a summary of data from the index itself.

Flow of retrieving an entry would be:

  search index
     -> present results (from index)
        -> select desired result (from database)

You really don't want to be retrieving all columns from the database for 
all matches in a search as this puts unnecessary overhead on the entire 
system (unless of course you are batche processing ALL results of the 


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