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From Ype Kingma <>
Subject Re: New to Lucene
Date Sat, 09 Feb 2002 08:48:28 GMT

>I was reading over the docs and reading up in general on Lucene. I want to
>know if I can do the following:
>1. Select one column from a subset of tables in a MS SQL Server database I
>have, and index those...with some mechanism to keep the index in sync with
>data as rows are added.

You'll need the following:
- a design for your lucene documents, ie. which fields are you going to use,
- a program to walk each of the tables, create lucene documents from the rows,
  and add these documents to your lucene db(s). You'll have to choose a lucene
  field to use as primary key in the lucene db(s). There has been quite a bit
  of discussion lately on how to add documents to a lucene db, check the
  archives. Note that lucene itself has no facilities for primary keys.
  Basically you'll have to batch document additions: delete an evt. set
  of documents to be replaced and then add a set of new documents.

>2. Run a query against one or many of the index columns.

You can query each lucene field seperately. Have a look at the query
language, because this might well influence the design of your documents.

>Is this possible? I see that Lucene *can* index database data, but something
>needs to be coded to handle this? Has anyone built any thin framework or
>have code snippets available? Has anyone ever used Lucene to replace

Not me, perhaps someone else.


My pleasure,

P.S. I can recommend to use Jython for the importing part.
There is always a bit of experimenting needed, so a scripting language is ideal.
Also most of the time will be spent within the Lucene API, leaving
the scripting overhead negligable.


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