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From Charles Harvey <>
Subject Re: Search all words of a query
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2002 18:10:57 GMT
Isn't it standard that if the user wants all words to match they will use 
the AND keyword?  (Lucene supports this) If you want all words to match all 
of the time, why not just split the query with a StringTokenizer and put it 
back together with the + ? That should only be five or ten lines of code...

Or, of course, you could add a checkbox for the user that was labeled 
'match all words' and do the above only in the condition of that box being 

At 04:07 PM 2/12/2002 +0100, you wrote:

>Hi all.
>On a form, users may enter words. I must search with thoses words.
>What I actually do is creating a Query with QueryParser using my analyzer.
>But this make a search that match if one word match.
>I know that if I wan't all words to match, I must add a '+' before each
>I'd like to not be obliged to do this and I don't want to ask the user to
>make this.
>Does any one see on witch parameter I can play to do this ?
>I don't think it's in the analyser (I already tried ! instead, I never had
>any result).
>No, It's in the QueryParser but I'm not sure I can do anything.
>If sombody have the answer (positive or negative), It would be helpfull.
>Thanks in advance.
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