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From Jan Ekholm <>
Subject Date ranges?
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2001 07:14:17 GMT

Hi all,

I'm very new to Lucene, but have used it quite successfully for indexing
text in a few different languages. Now we want to add some extra
meta-information about the documents, and let the clients search that
information, such as a few dates. 

I can store the date info easily using the DateField helper methods, but
finding seems to be a little weird, especially using ranges. I've yet to
find any docs about the ranges, so I've basically just done a few tests
with them. I do have a few questions however that I'd hope to get some
clarification on.

1. does the order of the terms in a range query matter? I can create a
query like this:


and get it to match a few docs. If I reverse the dates and get this:


I get the exact same answer. Which is weird.

2. do date ranges work at all? If I search for documents that are created
max one day age I get, say, 10 hits (range has null upper limit). If I
search for docs that are created max 2 days ago I get, say 30 hits (range
has null upper limit). So if I search for docs that are max 2 days old,
but at least 1 day old I should get around 20 (both limits sets). Right?
Instead I always get the 30. Seems like the range query ignores my upper

3. Is there some nice way of setting numerical values so that I can search
them using ranges? We already store an id for each document as a Keyword,
and it is used to retrieve some extra info about a document. If I try to
do a range query on the document id:s, like this:


I get a lot of documents that have id:s well over 1000, or something
that's totally outside to given range. Is there any nice way of doing

As a whole I'm mighty impressed with the quality of Lucene, and especially
the speed. It's made my life a lot easier. I'd appreciate all hints and
pointers to RTFM entries (if available).

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