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From Paul Spencer <>
Subject Re: Include ANT in CVS?
Date Mon, 10 Dec 2001 22:36:57 GMT
Some of the reasons Ant in included:

1) The "current" downloadable version of ANT may be incompatible
    it the project.

2) It remove the question "what version of ant are using?" when
    dealing with build problems.

3) Ant is small.

If you are down load the source, you are going to need ant to build.

Paul Spencer

Steven J. Owens wrote:

> Doug,
>>>I suggest you include ant in the CVS.  I believe this is a common 
>>>practice for Jakarta projects.
>>Just because it is common practice does not mean that it is a good idea.
>>Why do you think Ant should be included in Lucene's CVS?  What would it make
>>In the past, Ant was in Lucene's CVS.  But all of the developers had a
>>separate ant installation anyway, both for Lucene and for other projects
>>they work on.  So distributing ant with Lucene was just adding unused code.
>      I kind of agree with both sides here.  While it's a bit wasteful
> to distribute the various tools as part of the Lucene checkout, I know
> that I find it quite annoying to check a project out and then have to
> go and find, download and install all of the other pieces, tools and
> utilities.
>      What would perhaps make more sense would be an optional checkout
> of the necessary tools.  It would make even more sense to have a
> site-wide jakarta tools checkout as well as a project-specific
> optional checkout, but one st at a time.
> Steven J. Owens 
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