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From Paul Friedman <>
Subject What punctuation is "legal" in a query?
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2001 15:56:25 GMT
I have posted several questions/examples regarding QueryParser throwing exceptions when the
query string contains various punctuation characters.  I have been downloading the nightly
builds hoping that my problems would be solved, unfortunately, only some of the problems I
have reported have been addressed via fixes to the code or responses to my posting.  

I understand that some punctuation is reserved, '*' for prefix query and '[' ']' for range

1.  Is any other punctuation reserved?  Is this documented anywhere?

2.  Shouldn't any "non-reserved" punctuation be legal query syntax (i.e. it shouldn't cause
a parse error)?


        A document contains a field whose value is a relative directory path: "cooldocs/myfavoritetopics"
        Parsing the following query causes a parse error: "relativepath:cooldocs/myfavoritetopics"

Some other punctuation seems to work fine (i.e. '.' and '_'), that's why I'm confused as to
which punctuation should or shouldn't work.

I have attached a test case that causes the error.  I am using StandardAnalyzer and the Nov.
24 nightly build.

Sorry to be so persistent about this, but query syntax containing punctuation (especially
'.', '_', '/') is extremely critical to the product I am working on.

Paul Friedman  

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