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From (Steven J. Owens)
Subject Re: AW: lucene in applet
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2001 19:05:09 GMT

> Here is my szenario:
> 1) I want to grab a the website "" to the local disc at C:\xy
> 2) While exporting I want to index the content to C:\xy\index
> 3) I put applet.class at C:\xy\index
> If I open that applet from the (file) location C:\xy\index it can
> access any file in that directory with a method like this one. This
> method reads the content of sFile.
> It seems to me that the security-constraints of the sandbox do not
> prevent me from using an applet to open any file in the directory
> C:\xy\index. With this framework I can nicely create an applet to
> search an exported site.
> >if you're retrieving the
> >index file from a URL, why not just run the search at that URL?
> I cannot run a JVM at C:\xy\index. For this I want to use the
> browser. This gives me the possibility to entirely grab a site and
> burn it on a CD maybe, and the index will still work.

     Have you tested that with an applet and a non-lucene file?  It
looks a little weird to me, but, I've never tried to run an applet
locally and access the local disk, so I don't know.

     Regardless, this part of the discussion is in the area of applet
stuff, not lucene stuff, so it's inappropriate for this mailing list.
> It would be nice if lucene had the functionality to open content
> from an URL.

     Based on 2) above, you're saving the index to the local
directory, so why not just load it from the local directory?

> Like in this little method above, there should not be any problem
> reading the index files from the URL and perfom a search with the
> content of these files?
     As I said last message, it shouldn't be difficult to modify your
lucene source to load from a URL.  Then you could post your changes
here, and Doug might decide to incorporate them into lucene in
general.  I'm still not really sure why you want to do it that way,
but give it a try.

Steven J. Owens

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