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From "Anders Nielsen" <>
Subject Problems with prohibited BooleanQueries
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2001 18:35:38 GMT

I have some trouble understanding the semantics of the BooleanQuery with
regards to prohibited clause.

the method I am using is this:

public final void add(Query query, boolean required, boolean prohibited)

in the class BooleanQuery.

I am not using the QueryParser, but instead I build my own queries from a
Tree of search-strings with boolean operators NOT, AND and OR

so a tree might look like this

	/   \
    "A"   NOT

and that would mean "documents containing A, but not B". (If the AND was an
OR, the NOT branch would be culled)

Now my problem is this, when I make a BooleanQuery containing only a
prohibited TermQuery and I add that to another BooleanQuery as a required
query, I always get 0 results.

here's an example of my code:
        Term term1 = new Term("name", "jensen");
        Term term2 = new Term("name", "barfod");

        BooleanQuery minusQuery = new BooleanQuery();
        minusQuery.add(new TermQuery(term2), false, true);

        BooleanQuery q1 = new BooleanQuery();
        q1.add(new TermQuery(term1), true, false);
        q1.add(minusQuery, false, false);    // not required that the
minusQuery is "matched"

        BooleanQuery q2 = new BooleanQuery();
        q2.add(new TermQuery(term1), true, false);
        q2.add(minusQuery, true, false);     // required that the minusQuery
is "matched"

        BooleanQuery q3 = new BooleanQuery();
        q3.add(new TermQuery(term1), true, false);
        q3.add(new TermQuery(term2), false, true); // add the term directly
as a prohibited query

        System.out.println("non-required: " +,
        System.out.println("required    : " +,
	  System.out.println("directly    : " +, null).length());

this outputs:

non-required: 55
required    : 0
directly    : 48

Anders Nielsen

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