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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject new Lucene release: 1.2 RC2
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2001 21:37:36 GMT
I just posted a second release candidate for Lucene 1.2.  This can be found

If no serious bugs are found in the next few days, then I will make this the
1.2 final release.

Changes from 1.2 RC1:
 - added sources to distribution
 - removed broken build scripts and libraries from distribution
 - SegmentsReader: fixed potential race condition
 - FSDirectory: fixed so that getDirectory(xxx,true) correctly
   erases the directory contents, even when the directory
   has already been accessed in this JVM.
 - RangeQuery: Fix issue where an inclusive range query would
   include the nearest term in the index above a non-existant
   specified upper term.
 - SegmentTermEnum: Fix NullPointerException in clone() method
   when the Term is null.
 - JDK 1.1 compatibility fix: disabled lock files for JDK 1.1,
   since they rely on a feature added in JDK 1.2.


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