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From (Steven J. Owens)
Subject Re: new Lucene release: 1.2 RC2
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2001 22:30:30 GMT

> Two weeks back I did have the problem which I stated.
> But I am unable to reproduce the results currently. I tested and retested
> but couldnt repeat the same.
> Doug have U guys fixed the issue long back itself ?
> (The only thing I have done fresh is to download the latest
> file and re-installed lucene  - since it came along with
> source code)

     I believe what Sunil was trying to describe was:

a) sucessfully created index
b) did searches on index
c) started to update index
d) clicked "exit" from app before updating completed
e) ran app again 
f) could not repeat searches from step b.

     Doug has recently mentioned several improvements in the past
month or so.  I'm looking forward to moving over to the new version,
which is among other things thread safe.  This sounds like the area
where you were probably having problems, which means it's likely that
Doug's changes fixed it.

     This is, by the way, why it's important to report problems
early, ideally along with test data and code to reproduce it, or at
least detailed descriptions of how to reproduce it...

Steven J. Owens

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