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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Lucene-java Wiki] Update of "ReleaseTodo" by UweSchindler
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2012 18:28:03 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "ReleaseTodo" page has been changed by UweSchindler:

keys file location

   1. Build the release artifacts: {{{ant -Dversion=X.Y.Z }}}[-Dgpg.exe=/path/to/gpg -Dgpg.key=YourKeyID
-Dgpg.passphrase=YourPassPhrase{{{] prepare-release  //Items in [] may be optional}}}
   1. Sanity check the overall size of each artifact. EG, compare to the last release.
   1. Make sure that for each release file an md5 checksum file exists.
+  1. Add the KEYS file from
   1. ant -Dversion=X.Y.Z copy-to-stage to move the artifacts up to the staging area (see
the build target for all the options for securly copying the artifacts up)
  == Example for 3.1 ==
@@ -80, +81 @@ -m "Lucene Java X.Y.Z
   1. If this is a new branch (ie you are releasing X.Y.0), after tagging, commit a new "unreleased"
section at the top of CHANGES.txt and contrib/CHANGES.txt onto the branch
-  1. If this is your first release, add your key to the KEYS file. The KEYS file is located
in Subversion at [WWW] and copy it to the
release directory. Make sure you commit your change.
   1. If this is a point release, copy the CHANGES.txt entry for this point release back to
the trunk's CHANGES.txt. Remove any duplicate entries from trunk's CHANGES.txt (ie, each issue
should appear only once, in the earliest point-release that contains the fix, on the assumption
that all future releases also contain the fix).
   1. See [[|Guide To Distributing
Existing Releases Through The ASF Mirrors]] and the links that are there.
-  1. Copy the KEYS file, and the non-Maven release artifacts to the dist directory {{{}}},
and remove the old files
+  1. Copy the KEYS file (from, and the non-Maven
release artifacts to the dist directory {{{}}},
and remove the old files
   1. Make sure the group ownership on the site is 'lucene' by calling {{{chgrp -R lucene
/www/}}}. Also make files group writable and others read-only
by calling {{{chmod -R g+w,o-w /www/}}}
   1. [[PublishMavenArtifacts|Publish Maven Artifacts]]
   1. Checkout and update VERSION=X.Y-$BUILD_ID
in all the shell files. See for how to get a login
on Jenkins (formerly Hudson), or ask Grant or Michael B. for help.

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