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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Lucene-java Wiki] Update of "HowToContribute" by HossMan
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2012 18:07:30 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "HowToContribute" page has been changed by HossMan:

LUCENE-3946 docs mentioning ivy and possible problems with ivy

  = How to Contribute to Lucene =
+ = Working With Code =
  === Getting the source code ===
  First of all, you need the Lucene source code.
@@ -19, +21 @@

  svn checkout lucene-trunk
+ === Dependencies ===
+ Building Lucene requires that you have Apache Ant installed.  Starting with 3.6, Apache
Ivy is also required for fetching dependency jars to compile against.
+ Once you have ant working, you can use the "ant ivy-bootstrap" build target to have ivy
automatically downloaded and installed for you in your ${user.home}/.ant/lib directory
+ <<Anchor(antivy)>>
+ ==== Problems with Ivy? ====
+ Some people have reported problems getting Ivy to work when installed in ${user.home}/.ant/lib
+ The majority of these issues seem to be people using installations of ant packaged by linux
disto providers that either do not provide a full ant install (ie: additional RPMs are required)
or explicitly disable the ability to use "user lib" feature of ant in their configs, or have
some other problems.
+ Suggested fixes for people who still have problems getting Ivy to work after running "ant
+  * try using the "--noconfig" option when running ant
+  * try removing "rpm_mode=true" from your /etc/ant.conf
+  * try installing a clean version of Apache Ant downloaded directly from the Apache mirrors
+ For more details:
+  *
+  * :TODO: more URLs, docs on ant classpath, and userlib, etc...
- === Tips to configure Environment ===
+ === Tips to configure IDEs ===
  Instructions to configure IntelliJ: [[HowtoConfigureIntelliJ]].  For Eclipse, see [[|HowtoConfigureEclipse]].

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