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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Lucene-java Wiki] Update of "PoweredBy" by Jacob A
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2011 14:14:18 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

You have subscribed to a wiki page or wiki category on "Lucene-java Wiki" for change notification.

The "PoweredBy" page has been changed by Jacob A:

- Feel free to add your software/website here if it makes use of Lucene. Please do not add
your website if it uses Lucene merely indirectly, e.g. if you make use of a blog publishing
system which in turn uses Lucene. We reserve the right to remove links where it isn't visible
that Lucene is used, so consider adding a text like "powered by Lucene" to your search result
+ [ seo New York City]
+ [ seo Brooklyn]
+ [ seo Manhattan]
- '''Note to spammers:''' don't bother adding your site here, we're using the appropriate
meta tags so search engines will ignore the links anyway.  Also note, if you don't at least
provide some hint at how you use Lucene (i.e. by mentioning the word for instance), your link
will be treated as spam.  For example: Site Foo uses Lucene to provide search and highlighting.
- '''Applications and web applications using Lucene include (alphabetically), see below for
usage of Lucene on web sites:'''
-  * [[|30 Digits Information Discovery
Suite]] - A search application with ready to use front-end, graphical web administration,
security, statistics, taxonomy navigation, faceting, topic alerts, user profiles, data extraction
for multiple sources, and more.  It is also avaialbe for multiple languages i.e. English,
German (Deutsch), Spanish (Español).
-  * [[|AOL]]
-  * [[|ActiveMath]] - a user adaptive, interactive and web-based
learning environment for mathematics
-  * [[|Ad Dynamo]] - a contextual advertising delivery platform, using
Lucene to match each page of web content to best fit ads
-  * [[|Aduna AutoFocus]] - a visual desktop
search tool
-  * [[|Aduna Metadata Server]] - RDF-based
indexing server for metadata and full text
-  * [[|Affidata]] - a real estate search engine that uses lucene
for Advanced Search Functionality
-  * [[|Affiliate Ranker]] - an affiliate program search engine
-  * [[|agorum core DMS]] - Open Source DMS (Document Management System).
Uses lucene for full-text and metadata search. Index is completely stored withing Database
(for transaction issue)
-  * [[|Ahahi]] - a search engine (web,news,image,forum,crawler)
-  * [[|AideRSS - PostRank]] - Blog filtering and ranking based on
social media metrics
-  * [[|Alisveris Robotu]] - Product and price comparision site
in Turkey
-  * [[|AIMstor Backup]] - Backup and Recovery application
that uses Lucene to index backed up files and their metadata.  Also uses Lucene to store its
-  * [[|Antya]] - Website discovery engine powered by Lucene [displays
Websites, logos, address]
-  * [[|Apache Jackrabbit]] - JCR content repository, with full
text search powered by Lucene Java
-  * [[|Apple]]
-  * [[|Australia Unclassified]] - Australia's 100% FREE online
classifieds service
-  * [[|Auto mieten]] - A price comparison engine. We use Lucene
for intermediate product/price groupings and for our front end search.
-  * [[|baydragon]] - a trading card online shop that uses lucene
to search products, comments and single cards.
-  * [[|BNCF Opac]] - Online Public Access
Catalog, indexing data in [[|unimarcslim]]
-  * [[|Best Rates Call]] - Prepaid phone card price comparison site
compares pre-paid phone cards and international calling cards online between phone card service
providers, helping consumers find cheap phone card that offers best calling rates to selected
destinations. Best Rates search uses lucene.
-  * [[|BibleDesktop]] - A Bible study program using
lucene to search Bibles
-  * [[|]] - uses nutch, based on lucene open source software
to deliver its search results.
-  * [[|Bixee]] - Search Engine for Jobs in India.
-  * [[|bordell köln]] - A price comparison engine. uses nutch, based
on lucene open source software to deliver its search results.
-  * [[|Bridge Loan]] - Java based financial site. It replies
on Lucene for main operation.
-  * [[|]] - A site that connects families with caregivers (ie
babysitters, nannies, etc). Uses Lucene to drive location-based search results, refine search,
and full-text search.
-  * [[|Celoxis]] - web based project management tool
-  * [[|Cloudspace]] - consulting company using Lucene on client
projects for search and more general text-information retrieval
-  * [[|CodeCrawler]] - is a smart, web-based search engine
specifically built for use by developers for searching source code.
-  * [[|Comcast]]
-  * [[|Coolposting]] - a search engine for discussion forums. Coolposting
helps you find the real solutions, experiences and opinions people have posted in different
discussion forums.
-  * [[|Corinis CCM]] - a web content management and community system
-  * [[|CvMail]] - web based tool for recruiters (to manage job-applications
by mail)
-  * [[|DBSight]] - search engine RAD tool on any database, without
changing existing schema, highly scalable and customizable. Web based, no Java/Lucene experience
required, good for learning Lucene. Unlimited Index Size.
-  * [[|dLibra Digital Library Framework]] - First Polish digital library
software platform developed by the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC).
-  * [[|DealsKing]] - We're using Lucene as backend for our deals
-  * [[|]] - Search Engine for, largest news
portal in Indonesia
-  * [[|]] - yellow and white page directory for Germany. Users
review businesses to determine the best restaurants, doctors and so on spatial search on top
of lucene.
-  * [[|Digital Case]] - Case Western Reserve University's
digital library, repository and archive, stores, disseminates, and preserves the intellectual
output of Case faculty, departments and research centers in digital formats.
-  * [[|Disney]]
-  * [[|DocJar]] - search engine of thousand open source Java API document.
-  * [[|dotCMS]] - Open source java CMS that uses lucene to drive customized
and dynamic content
-  * [[|DynaQ]] - Open Source Desktop Search application.
Stable, and state of the art research prototype, implementing information retrieval techniques
for the masses ;) Our goal is to provide innovative functionality, with the focus on usability
and 'joy of use'.
-  * [[|Dynamicweb CMS]] - ASP.NET-based content management
system that uses Lucene for providing advanced search capabilities for its eCommerce platform.
-  * [[|eRez Imaging Server]] - Dynamic Imaging Server
-  * [[|eccenca]] - eccenca Community Engine is the first information
access solution, based on the [[|Eclipse SMILA]] framework, featuring
-  * [[|Eclipse]] - the Eclipse IDE uses Lucene for searching its documentation
-  * [[|Eclipse SMILA]] - Eclipse SMILA (SeMantic Information
Logistics Architecture) uses lucene as search engine. SMILA is an extensible framework for
building search solutions.
-  * [[|Egnyte]] - Web 2.0 content sharing solution that combines sharing,
automatic organization and a powerful search capability. Using continuous synchronization,
Egnyte seamlessly integrates the desktop with the web.
-  * [[|elvis]] - media content and digital asset management revolution
-  * [[|Enormo]] is a real estate search engine that uses lucene to
index it's database of listings.
-  * [[|EnterpriseMetasearch]] - a customizable federated
search engine that may use Lucene together with other data sources.
-  * [[|eOfficeo, a collaborative platform]] - eOfficeo, collaborative
-  * [[|ewmix]] - Brazilian e-commerce based on Apache Wicket uses Lucene
for searching products.
-  * [[|Expert Reviews]] - Expert reviews of digital prodicts
and services powered by Lucene.
-  * [[|Eyebrowse]] - a browser for Unix mbox format mail archives
-  * [[|Faayda]] - Job search engine for India powered by Lucene.
-  * [[|Familie Gutschein]] - Solr-powered crawler scanning the
web for new coupons and offers
-  * [[|FastFind]] - A Desktop Search that index the names of your
files and permit lightning fast retrieval using regular expression queries.
-  * [[|FimsiCobra]] - A scalable Content Based Routing engine.
-  * [[|]] - A price comparison engine. We use
Lucene for intermediate product/price groupings and for our front end search.
-  * [[|Finervista]] - A vertical-search engine for business and
IT online seminars and webcasts.
-  * [[|Forum Software]] - Yazd discussion forum software uses
Lucene to search through the messages.
-  * [[|Frisim]] - News search engine for Swedish news
-  * [[|Furl]] - Your web page filing cabinet
-  * [[|GFX-Sector]] - German graphics community, using Lucene-java
-  * [[|Game Change - Spiele Tauschen]] - a trading platform for
every gamer. Change your games for free and easy (Germany)
-  * [[|GenSphere Genealogy Search]] - Genealogy search engine based
on Lucene and Nutch
-  * [[|Gutschein / Code]] - A german Voucher Forum
(german) based on vBulletin and using Apache Lucene-Java SE.
-  * [[|Gutschein Rausch]] - German voucher community
-  * [[|]] - A german search-engine for coupons.
Based on a mixture of Struts2,Spring and Lucene instead of mysql
-  * [[|]] - We use a
combination of Droids, Nutch, Solr and Tika for our crawler for searching the web for new
-  * [[|Hallo Welt!]] has developed an enterprise wiki [[|HalloWiki]]
on the basis of the famous MediaWiki engine. Lucene search is a very strong part of this solution
and helps finding articles, files and also content in files.
-  * [[|]] - a job search engine dedicated to high salary
-  * [[|HandyBundle-Finden]] - German site for mobile phone
bundles. Based on a custom developed lucene based nosql database.
-  * [[|Hi5]]
-  * [[|Hitflip]] - trading plattform for DVDs, books and games (German)
-  * [[|homeowner list]] - Database of homeowner list and residential
-  * [[|IBM]]
-  * [[|IBM OmniFind Personal e-mail Search]]
- A powerful semantic search engine for your e-mail
-  * [[|IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition]] - a no-charge, entry-level
enterprise search software solution
-  * [[|ICEcore]] - JSR 168 compliant portlet that allows users
to create data definitions and then store and index data for that definition.  ACLs associated
with the data also get indexed within Lucene allowing searches to only produce data users
are allowed access to.
-  * [[|iFinder]] - intranet search and web monitoring (German)
-  * [[|Inperspective]] - geo-search technology
-  * [[|InstaSearch]]  - Eclipse plug-in for
quick code search
-  * [[|Intrallect intraLibrary: Learning Object Repository]]
- web-based system for managing learning content
-  * [[|]] - Australia Online Prepaid Phone Card
Store, lucene indexes all phone card data
-  * [[|]] - Blog search & discovering engine powered
partly by lucene.
-  * [[|JAMWiki]] - A Java-based Wiki whose goal is Mediawiki feature-parity.
-  * [[|JIRA]] - issue tracker
-  * [[|jLibrary]] - Open Source Document Management System
-  * [[|JANE]] - Journal Author Name Estimator
-  * [[|Jaeksoft Open Search Server]] - An OpenSource Search
Engine based on Lucene with a web crawler, XML APIs, web interface, faceting, collapsing,
-  * [[|JiansNet]] - A platform for searching and sharing useful information
for overseas Chinese
-  * [[|jobs in time]] - company homepage including a job search
-  * [[|karakoram]] - spider, indexing, search &
-  * [[|Katta]] - Open Source Distributed Lucene Index Serving.
-  * [[|Keeca Coupon Search]] - a search engine for smart consumers
to find online coupons
-  * [[| Cv Search Engine]] - a curiculum vitae search engine
-  * [[|Kitsite]] - hosted content management
-  * [[|KnowledgeTree Document Management Software]] - Turnkey,
open source document management software that connects people, processes, and ideas.
-  * [[|Krugle]] - search-driven development system for programmers
-  * [[|LIUS]] - is an indexing Java framework
for files(XML, HTML, PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, TXT and OpenOffice Suite), XML nodes
and JavaBeans. It also includes search and index update capabilities.
-  * [[|Lan-Crawler.Net]] Lan-Crawler is a crawler and
indexer of public network files shared via SMB shares (Windows shares and UNIX systems running
Samba). Meta data is downloaded for films and music. A dynamic Web UI is provided for searching
-  * [[|LiQED]] - University
of Edinburgh's QED Question Answering module for list questions
-  * [[|Limax]] ORM using Lucene as primary persistence.
-  * [[|Linguatools]] - online search in a large translation archive
(german <-> english, german <-> czech)
-  * [[|Lingway KM]] multilingual and semantic search solution
-  * [[|LinkedIn]]
-  * [[|LogicalDOC DMS]] - A Web 2.0 Document Management that uses
Lucene for full text indexing and search of documents. LogicalDOC  retains many Lucene indices:
one for each language enabled, also it uses different analyzers to correctly handle the various
-  * [[|]] "search inside" the book, merged with a
blog and dynamic Table of Contents
-  * [[|Lucignolo]] Content-Based Image Retrieval System
for searching over the [[|CoPhIR]] dataset consisting of 106 millions
images taken from Flickr .
-  * [[|MIT DSpace Federation]] - document archive
-  * [[|MMA]] - Mixed martial arts website with search engine powered
by Lucene.
-  * [[|MMBase Lucene Module]] - A plugin (module)
for the MMBase content management system that enables Lucene full text search through it's
-  * [[|MakeTime for Salesforce]] Search UI for Salesforce,
lots of Ajax, column filtering, range search, as-you-type prefix search, etc.
-  * [[|Makrolog Content Management AG]] - your one stop for E-Publishing
-  * [[|McGutschein]] - German Website using search engine for the
search of coupons and vouchers, based on a mixture of Lucene, Struts2 and Spring
-  * [[|MindRetrieve]] - A desktop tool to search and organize
the web you have seen
-  * [[|Mozdex]] - Search Engine
-  * [[|MusicBrainz]] - user-maintained community music metadatabase.
Music metadata is information such as the artist name, the release title, and the list of
tracks that appear on a release. MusicBrainz collects this information about recordings and
makes it available to the public.
-  * [[|Mustang mieten]] - A german classic mustang rental
website. We use Lucene for our front end search.
-  * [[|myJaco Coupons]] - online coupon search
-  * [[|MyOffice24x7 ERMS]] - Small and
Medium Enterprise records and document management system, [[|RFID
- based]] document search and tracking.
-  * [[|Nabble]] - search mailing list archive, for example, [[|search
Lucene/Nutch archive]].
-  * [[|NewsArch]] - open mailing list and newsgroup archive
-  * [[|NoDB]] - A prevalent object repository with indexing capabilities.
It is a general purpose in memory repository for use in any Java applications.
-  * [[|]] - Web page used for sharing and saving academic
documents, with 13 supported file  formats, and support for 6 languages
-  * [[|Nordfrim]] - Postal Stamp Shop - search over 9000 products.
(Danish & German)
-  * [[|Nutch]] - open-source web search engine
-  * [[|Nuxeo ECM]] - a full-featured, open source, standards-based Enterprise
Content Management platform, with a component-based and service-oriented architecture
-  * [[|O3Spaces Document Management and Collaboration]] - A Web 2.0
Document Management & Collaboration Solution for, StarOffice and MS Office
users that uses Lucene for o.a. full text indexing of Workplace documents
-  * [[|Odin Jobs]] - Job Match engine built on top of lucene that
returns the most relevant jobs based on job seekers qualifications and preferences. The match
engine uses lucene to index 3 million IT jobs every 48 hours. The match engine directly uses
the IndexSearcher (without query parser) to match a resume with a job description.
-  * [[|Omgili]] - An innovative, advanced search engine for web-based
discussion forums.
-  * [[|Online Commons]] - powerful tools for the organizing,
searching, and viewing of information
-  * [[|OpenGrok]] - a "wicked fast" source
code search engine with cross-referencing various program file formats, including browsing
and navigation for version control systems like SCCS, RCS and CVS.
-  * [[|OpenMercury]] - an open-source java-based content management
framework, using Lucene for in-site webpage searches, a CRM module, and customer specific
searches like a product searches
-  * [[|PDFind]] - A document repository supporting
PDF, ODF, MS Office, and plaintext search. Allows fulltext search of contents and lets uses
extend the application with their own plugins. Uses lucene for search and indexing.
-  * [[|panFMP]] - PANGAEA Framework for Metadata Portals
-  * [[|Pauker]] - Open Source flashcard learning application
using a combination of ultra-shortterm, shortterm, and longterm memory
-  * [[|PolySpot]] - Enterprise Search Solution based on Lucene.
-  * [[|Portuguese Web Archive]] Preserves web contents and provides a search
service over information that is no longer available online.
-  * [[|Puggle]] - An open-source desktop search engine that
uses Lucene for full-text and metadata search
-  * [[|pulse]] - the web application framework uses Lucene for all
full-text searches (through Hibernate Search) and supplies a set of custom Lucene filters
-  * [[|Razuna]] - An open-source Digital Asset Management (DAM) / Media
Asset Management (MAM) with a integrated Web Content Management (CMS) that uses Lucene for
full-text and metadata search
-  * [[|]] - Recht für Deutschland - complete
Archive of German legislation (more then a million pages!)
-  * [[|Red-Piranha]] Web / Command Line Search and Knowledge
Management Tool that can actually 'learn' what you are looking for.
-  * [[|regain]] - Open-source desktop search engine. Supports
the common file formats (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OpenOffice / StarOffice, PDF, RTF, HTML
and more). Indexes both file systems and web sites. Also usable as server-side search.
-  * [[|Rivièra Online]] - Consulting company using Lucene on
client projects and on its own web site.
-  * [[|Roller]] - open-source Java blogging tool
-  * [[|S'lifter]] Comparison shopping for local products on mobile
-  * [[|SCAN]] - Smart Content Aggregation and Navigation. Desktop
content aggregator, search engine, tagging and metadata framework.
-  * [[|Scarab]] - issue tracker
-  * [[|Schiel & Denver Book Publishers]] - provides open-source
book publishing services - [[|Self Publishing]] facility for independent
-  * [[|Schiel & Denver Book Publishers UK]] - UK division
provides open-source book publishing services
-  * [[|Search Venture Capitals]] -  search over 1500 venture capital
web sites
-  * [[|]] -  Quran Search Engine that currently
seaches the English translation only.  Ability to search the original Arabic Quran will be
added soon (God willing).
-  * [[|sharehound]] - Open source file systems index and search application.
Currently supported protocols are SMB (file shares in MS Windows-based networks) and FTP.
Doesn't consider file contents - only file path and name are indexed. Web UI is used for search
and crawl monitoring. Search can be limited to single directory and optionally its subdirs.
RSS feed is available for search results.
-  * [[|Simpy]] -  social bookmarking and personal search engine
-  * [[|SiteSearch]] - web site indexer/search engine
-  * [[|SnipSnap]] - weblog and wiki Software
-  * [[|Speedy Organizer]] - small business document management
- paperless office
-  * [[|Spiderline]] - hosted custom search engine service
-  * [[|Spindle]] - web indexing/search tool
-  * [[|SubEtha]] - open source java mailing list manager, including
searchable archives
-  * [[|SysAid Free Help Desk Software]]
- Web Based Help Desk Software -- Help Desk, Inventory and Project Management
-  * [[|]] - An online marketplace that connects
families with nannies, babysitters, and more.  Our search engine is powered by
-  * [[|Theodore Champion boutique timbres]] - Postal Stamp
Shop - search over 9000 products. (French)
-  * [[|Tokenizer]] - domain specific Internet Search Engine. Constant
crawl of over 10000 online stores in America & Europe; data mining; price engine; heuristic
-  * [[|TrackStudio]] - issue tracker
-  * [[|TrailBlazer]] - Web browser
history prototype implemented in Obj-C/Cocoa
-  * [[|TV Feeds]] - Interactive searchable database of television
programming powered by Lucene.
-  * [[|Twitter Trends]] - Twitter analyzing Tool
-  * [[|USAjobs Inc. Job Search]] - job search engine
-  * [[|Ufnasoft-DMS]] - Java based Document Management System
-  * [[|VFinity]] - Browser-based enterprise media asset management
system, offering web-integrated production through its 1-Click Launch feature into desktop
applications. Uses to perform indexing on millions of assets and to enforce metadata-driven
-  * [[|VYRE]] - Content management system
-  * [[|VYRE Unify content management platform]] - JEE content management
system uses Lucene as a core module
-  * [[|]] Vorschriftendienst Baden-Württemberg - german state
law web site
-  * [[|Veoh Networks]] - A leading online video system
-  * [[|Visual Analytics Inc.]] - VisuaLinks® - The Pattern
Discovery Software
-  * [[|VoilàSVN by Arcetis]] - Subversion search
-  * [[|WebLab-project]] - the WebLab platform offer a simple integration
of Lucene/SolR as basic text index/search service for demonstration. More advanced integration
are proposed including the integration of SolR search support options.
-  * [[|Wohnmobil mieten]] - German rental marketplace for motorhomes,
using Lucene to match each page of web content against the search results.
-  * [[|Wolfram Research, Inc.]] - Wolfram Research uses Lucene for
internal tools, the Demonstrations project, the Mathematica documentation search and site
-  * [[|XWiki]] - A second generation wiki engine, uses Lucene as one
of its search implementations.
-  * [[|Xoopit]] - Find and share the pictures, videos, and files buried
in your inbox. Currently for Gmail.
-  * [[|zefaimages]] - stock images search engine
-  * [[|Zilverline]] - personal/intranet search engine as a complete
web application with support for Word, PDF, HTML, Excel, Powerpoint, Text, Java, ZIP, CHM,
RAR and more.
- '''Web sites using Lucene include (alphabetically):'''
-  * [[| Chinese Blog/RSS/ATOM Search Engine]]
-  * [[| - Czech linux portal]]
-  * [[|AbleStock Royalty Free Images]]
-  * [[|Academic Archive On-line]] - Theses,
dissertations and other publications in full-text from a number of Nordic universities
-  * [[|]] - Price comparison shopping engine
(Italy). Motore di ricerca per il commercio elettronico.
-  * [[|Agility issue and Bug Tracking Software]]
-  * [[|Akamai Technologies]]
-  * [[| deals site]]
-  * [[|]]
-  * [[|Australia Unclassified]] - Australia's 100% FREE online
classifieds service
-  * [[|Austria&#8217;s IT Research Landscape]]
-  * [[|BNCF Opac]] - Online Public Access
Catalog, National Library of Florence, Italy
-  * [[|BayWest's]] sitesearch, rss feeds, news listings, etc are all
the results of lucene searches.
-  * [[|BioMates]]
-  * [[|Blackwell's Online Bookshop]]
-  * [[|BlogScope]] - Analysis and visualization tool for blogosphere
-  * [[|Blogdigger]] - search engine for blogs and syndicated content
-  * [[|Bob Dylan]]
-  * [[|]] - local business listing site build on
top of spring, hibernate, lucene and GWT. Uses custom filters to provide
-  * [[|]] - Music search engine in Turkey
-  * [[|CNET Reviews]] - Product Listing pages with Filter drill downs
([[|more details]])
-  * [[|Casabuscador]] - vertical search engine for homes for
rent and for sale in Spain
-  * [[|Chinese RSS/Blog/News/Weblog/BBS/Forum search engine]]
-  * [[|]] - UK Business directory and city guide
-  * [[|Cochebuscador]] - vertical search engine for used cars
classifieds in Spain
-  * [[|Cole Haan]] - Database of products is indexed and searched
using Lucene
-  * [[|Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies]]
- search in more than 2 millions of bibliographic records (scientific literature)
-  * [[|Community of Science]] - Resources for Researchers
-  * [[| Full Service Internet Agentur]]
-  * [[|Contractor Calculator]] - 1000's of articles
and site pages for UK contractors - all indexed and searched using Lucene
-  * [[|Crazy Media]] - Using Apache, Smarty php Framework and Lucene
-  * [[|Currobuscador]] - vertical search engine for job ads
in Spain
-  * [[|DBSight]] - DBSight demo search on database
-  * [[|Davindi]]
-  * [[|Dealjaeger]] - social shopping community. The users enter
bargains they find on the net and try to underbid each other to gather score points and get
real money as a reward.
-  * [[|]] - Motorcycle, ATV, Watercraft, Snowmobile
parts retailer, using Lucene for keyword search on website. Have been using Lucene since about
October 2005, and loving it, very fast and configurable.
-  * [[|Digital Mechanism and Gear Library (DMG-Lib)]] -  An extensive
and ever increasing collection of information on mechanism and machine science is available
on the Internet portal of the DMG-Lib.
-  * [[|dinnerbase recept]] - Swedish search engine for recipes
-  * [[|Doctoralia]] - A global health professionals search engine
-  * [[|]]
-  * [[|Dublin City Collective]]
-  * [[|E.ON]]
-  * [[|ECOLEX]] - an information service on environmental law, operated
jointly by FAO, IUCN and UNEP
-  * [[|EEE Cooks]]
-  * [[| - European Country of Origin Information Network]]
-  * [[|El Universal]]
-  * [[|European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) search engine 'EB-eye']]
-  * [[|Evenful]]
-  * [[|Every Boat Classifieds]] - Utilizes Lucene for fast searching
of used boat ads
-  * [[|Experts-Exchange]]
-  * [[|FAOLEX]] - Search engine for one of the world's largest electronic
collection of national laws and regulations on food, agriculture and renewable natural resources
-  * [[|]]
-  * [[|Filmweb]] - Polish Film Portal
-  * [[|Lagerverkauf-Finden]] - German Searchsite for factory
outlet stores. Based on a custom developed lucene based nosql database.
-  * [[|Florida Villas]] Search for the best vacation rentals
-  * [[|]]
-  * [[|Ghent University Library]]
-  * [[|Guardian Jobs]]
-  * [[|Holz - Suchmaschine]]
-  * [[|Humor Archives, The]]
-  * [[|Hungarian Ministry of Health]]
-  * [[|Portal rund ums Holz]]
-  * [[|Preisvergleich eVendi]]
-  * [[| - a website for swapping goods]] - a portal
for swapping goods. powered by lucene; with the addition of faceted search
-  * [[|The EducaNext Portal for Learning Resources]] - Exchange portal
for learning resources

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