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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Lucene-java Wiki] Update of "PoweredBy" by SteveRowe
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2011 20:45:27 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

You have subscribed to a wiki page or wiki category on "Lucene-java Wiki" for change notification.

The "PoweredBy" page has been changed by SteveRowe.
The comment on this change is: removed bunch o' spam.


  '''Applications and web applications using Lucene include (alphabetically), see below for
usage of Lucene on web sites:'''
-  * [[|]] - A german swapping website with information
on exchange opportunities
   * [[|30 Digits Information Discovery
Suite]] - A search application with ready to use front-end, graphical web administration,
security, statistics, taxonomy navigation, faceting, topic alerts, user profiles, data extraction
for multiple sources, and more.  It is also avaialbe for multiple languages i.e. English,
German (Deutsch), Spanish (EspaƱol).
-  * [[|1a]] - a german site for living and lifestyle
   * [[|1st]] - We use
a combination of Droids, Nutch, Solr and Tika for our crawler for searching the web for new
   * [[|A1]] - A german search-engine for
coupons. Based on a mixture of Struts2,Spring and Lucene instead of mysql
   * [[|ActiveMath]] - a user adaptive, interactive and web-based
learning environment for mathematics
@@ -16, +14 @@

   * [[|Aduna AutoFocus]] - a visual desktop
search tool
   * [[|Aduna Metadata Server]] - RDF-based
indexing server for metadata and full text
   * [[|Affidata]] - a real estate search engine that uses lucene
for Advanced Search Functionality
-  * [[|ACasino Affiliate]] - bingo4affiliates is Global leader
in Bingo, Casino and Gambling site affiliates marketing, top Bingo brands advertiser offering
higher CPA, conversion money to Website owner and publishers.
   * [[|agorum core DMS]] - Open Source DMS (Document Management System).
Uses lucene for full-text and metadata search. Index is completely stored withing Database
(for transaction issue)
   * [[|Ahahi]] - a search engine (web,news,image,forum,crawler)
-  * [[|Altenpflege]] - Website to help people find
support in older age. Uses full-text search and tools
   * [[|Antya]] - Website discovery engine powered by Lucene [displays
Websites, logos, address]
   * [[|AideRSS - PostRank]] - Blog filtering and ranking based on
social media metrics
   * [[|Affiliate Ranker]] - an affiliate program search engine
@@ -29, +25 @@

   * [[|Apache Jackrabbit]] - JCR content repository, with full
text search powered by Lucene Java
   * [[|Apple]]
   * [[|JiansNet]] - A platform for searching and sharing useful information
for overseas Chinese
-  * [[|]] - A german Directory for Blogs
   * [[|]] - uses nutch, based on lucene open source software
to deliver its search results.
   * [[|BibleDesktop]] - A Bible study program using
lucene to search Bibles
   * [[|Bixee]] - Search Engine for Jobs in India.
@@ -52, +47 @@

   * [[|dLibra Digital Library Framework]] - First Polish digital library
software platform developed by the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC).
   * [[|DocJar]] - search engine of thousand open source Java API document.
   * [[|dotCMS]] - Open source java CMS that uses lucene to drive customized
and dynamic content
-  * [[|DSLPreise24]] - German Internet & DSL News Website
   * [[|Dynamicweb CMS]] - ASP.NET-based content management
system that uses Lucene for providing advanced search capabilities for its eCommerce platform.
   * [[|Lagerverkauf-Finden]] - German Searchsite for factory
outlet stores. Based on a custom developed lucene based nosql database.
   * [[|HandyBundle-Finden]] - German site for mobile phone
bundles. Based on a custom developed lucene based nosql database.
   * [[|DynaQ]] - Open Source Desktop Search application.
Stable, and state of the art research prototype, implementing information retrieval techniques
for the masses ;) Our goal is to provide innovative functionality, with the focus on usability
and 'joy of use'.
   * [[|eccenca]] - eccenca Community Engine is the first information
access solution, based on the [[|Eclipse SMILA]] framework, featuring
-  * [[|Easy2Bid]] - China Products & China Manufacturers Directory
   * [[|Eclipse]] - the Eclipse IDE uses Lucene for searching its documentation
   * [[|Eclipse SMILA]] - Eclipse SMILA (SeMantic Information
Logistics Architecture) uses lucene as search engine. SMILA is an extensible framework for
building search solutions.
   * [[|Egnyte]] - Web 2.0 content sharing solution that combines sharing,
automatic organization and a powerful search capability. Using continuous synchronization,
Egnyte seamlessly integrates the desktop with the web.
@@ -67, +60 @@

   * [[|eRez Imaging Server]] - Dynamic Imaging Server
   * [[|ewmix]] - Brazilian e-commerce based on Apache Wicket uses Lucene
for searching products.
   * [[|Eyebrowse]] - a browser for Unix mbox format mail archives
-  * [[|Farmville Cheats]] - Site about Social Games like FarmVille
   * [[|Faayda]] - Job search engine for India powered by Lucene.
   * [[|FastFind]] - A Desktop Search that index the names of your
files and permit lightning fast retrieval using regular expression queries.
-  * [[|FDAble]] - Public Search Engine for FDA's drug adverse events
search engine & more!
   * [[|FimsiCobra]] - A scalable Content Based Routing engine.
   * [[|]] - A price comparison engine. We use
Lucene for intermediate product/price groupings and for our front end search.
   * [[|Finervista]] - A vertical-search engine for business and
IT online seminars and webcasts.
-  * [[|]] - A german Directory for Forums.
   * [[|Forum Software]] - Yazd discussion forum software uses
Lucene to search through the messages.
   * [[|Frisim]] - News search engine for Swedish news
   * [[|Furl]] - Your web page filing cabinet
   * [[|Game Change - Spiele Tauschen]] - a trading platform for
every gamer. Change your games for free and easy (Germany)
   * [[|GenSphere Genealogy Search]] - Genealogy search engine based
on Lucene and Nutch
-  * [[|GPS System]] - Navigation system software, marine electronics
and accessories.
   * [[|GFX-Sector]] - German graphics community, using Lucene-java
   * [[|Gutschein / Code]] - A german Voucher Forum
(german) based on vBulletin and using Apache Lucene-Java SE.
   * [[|McGutschein]] - German Website using search engine for the
search of coupons and vouchers, based on a mixture of Lucene, Struts2 and Spring
   * [[|Gutschein Rausch]] - German voucher community
-  * [[|Gutscheine Sammler]] - German community for coupon codes
-  * [[|Top-gutscheincode]] - German community for voucher
-  * [[|Shop-gutscheine]] - German community for online coupon
   * [[|Farmville Tipps]] - Tips for Facebookgames (German)
   * [[|IBM OmniFind Personal e-mail Search]]
- A powerful semantic search engine for your e-mail
   * [[|IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition]] - a no-charge, entry-level
enterprise search software solution
@@ -169, +154 @@

   * [[|Roller]] - open-source Java blogging tool
   * [[|SCAN]] - Smart Content Aggregation and Navigation. Desktop
content aggregator, search engine, tagging and metadata framework.
   * [[|Scarab]] - issue tracker
-  * [[| Tauschring]] - A german Trading-Community for DVDs, books
and games
   * Schiel & Denver [[|Book Publishers]] - provides open-source
book publishing services - [[|Self Publishing]] facility for independent
   * Schiel & Denver [[|Book Publishers UK]] - UK division
provides open-source book publishing services
   * [[|Search Venture Capitals]] -  search over 1500 venture capital
web sites
@@ -210, +194 @@

   * [[|XWiki]] - A second generation wiki engine, uses Lucene as one
of its search implementations.
   * [[|Zilverline]] - personal/intranet search engine as a complete
web application with support for Word, PDF, HTML, Excel, Powerpoint, Text, Java, ZIP, CHM,
RAR and more.
   * [[|zefaimages]] - stock images search engine
-  * [[|zoomf property search]] - Property search engine
-  * [[|removal companies]] - removal companies
-  * [[|Welder]] - Welder, Plasma Cutter
  '''Web sites using Lucene include (alphabetically):'''
@@ -246, +227 @@

   * [[|Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies]]
- search in more than 2 millions of bibliographic records (scientific literature)
   * [[|Crazy Media]] - Using Apache, Smarty php Framework and Lucene
   * [[|Currobuscador]] - vertical search engine for job ads
in Spain
-  * [[|car shipping]]
   * [[|Davindi]]
   * [[|Dealjaeger]] - social shopping community. The users enter
bargains they find on the net and try to underbid each other to gather score points and get
real money as a reward.
   * [[|]] - Motorcycle, ATV, Watercraft, Snowmobile
parts retailer, using Lucene for keyword search on website. Have been using Lucene since about
October 2005, and loving it, very fast and configurable.
@@ -279, +259 @@

   * [[|Portal rund ums Holz]]
   * [[|Holz - Suchmaschine]]
   * [[|BayWest's]] sitesearch, rss feeds, news listings, etc are all
the results of lucene searches.
-  * [[|San Francisco Movers]] The best movers in USA
   * [[|Florida Villas]] Search for the best vacation rentals

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