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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject PoweredBy reverted to revision 560 on Lucene-java Wiki
Date Wed, 09 Feb 2011 18:52:16 GMT
Dear wiki user,

You have subscribed to a wiki page "Lucene-java Wiki" for change notification.

The page PoweredBy has been reverted to revision 560 by UweSchindler.
The comment on this change is: remove recent spam..


  '''Note to spammers:''' don't bother adding your site here, we're using the appropriate
meta tags so search engines will ignore the links anyway.  Also note, if you don't at least
provide some hint at how you use Lucene (i.e. by mentioning the word for instance), your link
will be treated as spam.  For example: Site Foo uses Lucene to provide search and highlighting.
  '''Applications and web applications using Lucene include (alphabetically), see below for
usage of Lucene on web sites:'''
-  * [[|]] One of the German site
with many informations for shops.
   * [[|]] - A german swapping website with information
on exchange opportunities
   * [[|30 Digits Information Discovery
Suite]] - A search application with ready to use front-end, graphical web administration,
security, statistics, taxonomy navigation, faceting, topic alerts, user profiles, data extraction
for multiple sources, and more.  It is also avaialbe for multiple languages i.e. English,
German (Deutsch), Spanish (Español).
   * [[|1a]] - a german site for living and lifestyle
-  * [[|1st]] - We use
a combination of Droids, Nutch, Solr and Tika for our crawler for searching the web for new
coupons [[|Übersetzer]]
+  * [[|1st]] - We use
a combination of Droids, Nutch, Solr and Tika for our crawler for searching the web for new
   * [[|A1]] - A german search-engine for
coupons. Based on a mixture of Struts2,Spring and Lucene instead of mysql
   * [[|1a Hochzeitsgeschenke Shop]] -
a german site for presents and gifts
   * [[|ActiveMath]] - a user adaptive, interactive and web-based
learning environment for mathematics
@@ -144, +144 @@

   * [[|myJaco Coupons]] - online coupon search
   * [[|MyOffice24x7 ERMS]] - Small and
Medium Enterprise records and document management system, [[|RFID
- based]] document search and tracking.
   * [[|Nabble]] - search mailing list archive, for example, [[|search
Lucene/Nutch archive]].
-  * [[|no fax payday lons]] - Payday Loans No Faxing
   * [[|NewsArch]] - open mailing list and newsgroup archive
   * [[|NoDB]] - A prevalent object repository with indexing capabilities.
It is a general purpose in memory repository for use in any Java applications.
   * [[|Nordfrim]] - Postal Stamp Shop - search over 9000 products.
(Danish & German)
@@ -161, +160 @@

   * [[|Pauker]] - Open Source flashcard learning application
using a combination of ultra-shortterm, shortterm, and longterm memory
   * [[|PDFind]] - A document repository supporting
PDF, ODF, MS Office, and plaintext search. Allows fulltext search of contents and lets uses
extend the application with their own plugins. Uses lucene for search and indexing.
   * [[|PolySpot]] - An Enterprise Search Solution based on Lucene.
-  * [[|Oem Software ]] - Cheap Oem Software
   * [[|Portuguese Web Archive]] Preserves web contents and provides a search
service over information that is no longer available online.
   * [[|Puggle]] - An open-source desktop search engine that
uses Lucene for full-text and metadata search
   * [[|pulse]] - the web application framework uses Lucene for all
full-text searches (through Hibernate Search) and supplies a set of custom Lucene filters

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